Naturalchemy prodotti di cosmesi naturali


“In all things of nature there is something wonderful” Aristotele


We create simple but functional natural cosmetics. For our brand we have chosen the pothos plant as an identifier, a beautiful houseplant. The typical shape of its heart-shaped leaves is the classic example of how chemistry and nature are closely linked. This is where NaturAlchemy was born.

I introduce myself!

I’m Elisa, born in 1996, creator and founder of NaturAlchemy. Graduated as a chemical expert, after a work experience in a cosmetic laboratory, many self-taught courses and books, I decide to make my dream come true: launch my own cosmetic line that reflects me in every way! From ingredients to names, from packaging to business cards.


Thanks to what nature offers us, we try to improve the lifestyle and well-being of each of us. Our goal is not only the physical well-being of skin and hair but also the inner one with the targeted use of essential oils. We love the environment and we respect it.

Our Values

semplicità valore naturalchemy


is the key to NaturAlchemy! Starting with packaging, packaging and labels, all done with simplicity, love and often done by hand



it is not the habit that a monk makes! Because within all this simplicity there are formulations with precious oils and extracts that will make your skincare routine a real pampering.



respect for nature is one of our most important values. For this reason, we support the environment and choose to use only paper packaging!


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